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Earthfest at the Hatch Shell

May 20th, 2012 vcdaly13

For this week I’m going to be staying at home until heading back to Holy Cross as a summer RA. Yesterday some friends and I met up in Boston an went to Earthfest. Earthfest is this free outdoor concert held every year in Boston sponsored by Radio 92.9 and Whole Foods. The two bands I really wanted to see were Switchfoot and Third Eye Blind, they were really good. It was also a lot of fun just to lay outside in the sun all day. The concert was held at the Hatch Shell, which is this big outdoor stage, on the Esplanade. The Esplanade is this nice park filled with walking paths that’s right next to the Charles River.

Over the summer there are always free concerts at the Hatch Shell. That’s also where they have this big Forth of July celebration with a concert by the Boston Pops and a guest band (a few years ago it was Aerosmith!). Here are some pictures of the concert and the Esplanade for you…

A view of the Charles River and Cambridge in the background from the Esplanade.

Earthfest at the Hatch Shell

Spending the day in Boston just made me even more excited to start my internship there next week!



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