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T Rides, Coldplay and GROW!

June 3rd, 2012 vcdaly13

My internship has been going great! I have to wake up pretty early and take the train into Boston, but I kind of enjoy getting to take the commuter rail and then the T (the name of the Boston subway). It gives me time to read and listen to music in the morning and afternoon.

I already briefly mentioned that my internship would involve working on educating people about the GROW campaign by having about 20 volunteers at each Coldplay concert, but I’ll explain a little more about what’s involved in that. What I have to do is download all the applications of those who are interested in working at the Coldplay concerts in the US. I then pick one person to be the lead volunteer, send them all the information and materials they’ll need for the concert and contact the other 19 volunteers for the show.

I find reading all the applications to be interesting. You can seem that there are many people who are really interested in Oxfam’s mission and want to help spread awareness about what Oxfam is working towards. I’ll also be working with the Oxfam Action Corps around the country, but won’t start that project until next week, so I’ll let you know more about that project later on 🙂

I really like the set up of the office at Oxfam and the people that I’m working with. The office isn’t a bunch of cubicles, which is what my last internship was like I knew I wasn’t a fan of that. Instead each department has a “pod” which is basically as arena of the office surrounded by a half wall. (I sit in the intern pod.) Then everyone has a desk area and computer within that pod. It makes the office seem much more open than cubicles do.

The people I work with are very interesting too. Bob is in charge of Music Outreach for Oxfam (so things like the Coldplay tour). He’s the person who gets to meet with a lot of the Celebrity Ambassadors of Oxfam. Brian, my direct supervisor, is responsible for all fourteen of the Action Corps throughout the US, which are Oxfam groups in major cities. Jessica, who coordinated the first leg of the Coldplay tour since I wasn’t there used to be a lawyer and now is working on trying to find a corporation that will support Oxfam (kind of like the pink yogurt lids that fundraiser for breast cancer).

I’m planning on e-mailing a few people who work at Oxfam to see if they will sit down for an informational interview with me. I’ll let you know what they tell me about after I speak with them!



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