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Coldplay’s in Dallas tonight!

June 22nd, 2012 vcdaly13

The second leg of the Coldplay tour is about to begin tonight. In just a few hours all the volunteers that I’ve contacted will be arriving to the venue ready to have a quick briefing about Oxfam and GROW and then they’ll start collection petition signatures and e-mail signups for GROW! For this leg of the US tour Oxfam will be collecting signatures of those who support small scale farmers and believe that by investing in and supporting these small scale farms our broken food system will begin to be repaired, getting food to those who really need it.

I’m really excited to hear what all the volunteers will have to say about the concert experience. I think other concert goers will find a petition supporting small farmers really interesting!

Earlier this week I was little nervous about having enough volunteers at these shows in Dallas and Houston, I was away at JUHAN last week (I’ll be posting about it soon!) and before I had left there were still quit a few spots open. When I came back from the JUHAN conference over 500 people had signed up in a week. Meaning we now had plenty of volunteers and I had a ton of applications to read through. In some cities, like DC over 150 people signed up for the concert and we only have 20 spots!

Overall, I think that things are going pretty well with the Coldplay/Oxfam Tour, but I think that being able to see how tonight’s show goes will be a confirmation to feeling.

Aside from coordinating the Coldplay volunteer, earlier today I also spoke with an employee of Oxfam, Sophie. She’s working on a GIS project that I wanted to hear about. GIS is a computer mapping system that’s becoming really popular in many companies, last year I took a class on it, but the class focused of the geological uses of GIS and I was interested in hearing how a humanitarian organization used it. Our conversation gave me some ideas on what I could do for a Capstone project next year.

I’ll let you all know how the two show’s this weekend go!


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