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Free Events in Boston!

July 3rd, 2012 vcdaly13

If you are ever spending some time in Boston, here are somethings you can do for free or very little money!

I really like going to museums… so most of these are museums, but I’m sure you could find other things too.
The Museum of  Fine Arts is FREE on Wednesdays after 5:00pm. I’ve been going here since I was little, and I love that it’s free once a week. When I go I usually pick one section of the museum to see. Last week it was the new Contemporary Wing. They recently moved and expanded the wing and it’s amazing now. The contemporary gallery used only be one hallway mainly consisting of photographs, now there are photos, paintings, sculptures… there was this once sculpture that was a bunch of golden beads hanging above a passage way that you had to walk through, it was really neat that the artist made a piece that the viewer had to touch. There are also these really interesting Alex Katz prints that I want to go see next week, last week I only got to run through them.
The Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) is also free on Thursdays after 5:00pm. I went there two weeks ago and there was this great exhibit of Josiah McElheny pieces, he builds these really neat reflective sculptures. I ICA tends to be a little different compared to the type of art most people are used to, but I would still suggest checking it out. It’s also right on the water front and has a great view of the Boston Harbor.

    ICA, Boston

    Josiah McElheny’s reflective sculpture

    The Peabody Essex Museum is free all day Fridays. I haven’t been here yet, but really want to see their new Ansel Adams exhibit! The close at 5:00pm, so I can’t do during the summer since I have work, but I plan on going once school starts!
    The deCordova is also free all day on Fridays. I went there for the first time last year, it’s this really nice outdoor sculpture park but there is also an indoor museum. I really liked being able to walk around outside and see all the different sculptures.
    Museum of Science is pretty cool and you can get $5 tickets if you have a Boston Public Library Card, you just need to go to the library to pick up the tickets.
    4th of July in Boston is always a lot go fun a totally free! There is a Boston Pops concert and a guest band and then this awesome fireworks show! I fit doesn’t rain tomorrow I’ll let you know how it goes. 🙂
    Happy 4th of July Everyone!


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