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July 10th, 2012 vcdaly13

My internship is just about halfway over now. Yesterday marked the end of the second US leg of the Coldplay tour with their second show in DC. At one of their DC shows HC grad and former Oxfam intern, Caitlin D. was the team leader. Caitlin did a really awesome job as the team leader, since she already knew about Oxfam through her SIP internship last summer and her work as Oxfam Club organizer on campus this past year, she knew the importance of being an exciting team leader for her volunteers and could explain the importance of GROW to concert goers and Oxfam newbies.

The other team leader for the DC show was Christopher M. He has done a lot of work with Oxfam in the past and will be coming to the office in a few weeks to be the CHANGE lead facilitator. CHANGE is a program that Oxfam had for first-years and sophomores in college. It’s a week long intensive workshop that trains them to be Oxfam organizers, them the following year they move back to their campus and run a campaign on their campus. They can pick from GROW and Extractive Industries (Oxfam’s campaign around natural resources, which is super interesting!) I wish that knew about GROW when I was younger, I totally would have applied and I would highly suggest it to any underclassman at HC (we’ve had two CHANGE leader in the past).

Now that the DC show is over I only have about 10 more concerts and 5 more weeks! Summer internships are go by so fast. In the next half of my internship I’m going to continue working with the Coldplay Tour, but will also be doing some more work with the Oxfam Action Corps and a GIS mapping project, which I’m super excited about. I took a GIS class at HC, but have yet to be able to use the program outside of class. I can let you know more about those projects as I work on them, but until them…

Here are some pics from the tour so far!

This is Cheryl D. the Oxfam Action Corps organizer in Philly and one of the team leaders for the Coldplay show. After having so many phone conversations and exchanging a ton of e-mails with her it was really neat to see her working at the concert. In her blog post you can read about how she got involved with Oxfam through her love of Coldplay.

Some of our DC volunteer taking pictures with concert goers!

Be sure to stop by the Oxfam photo-booth if you’re going to any Coldplay concerts this summer!

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