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May 11th, 2012 vcdaly13

Hi Everyone! Welcome to my summer blog. I’m a rising senior at Holy Cross and am also the co-chair of Eco-Action on campus, our environmental concerns group. This coming year, I’ll also be a Student Resident Director (SRD) of one of our residence halls, that pretty much means I’ll be responsible for a Residence Hall and Resident Assistants (RAs) in that building.

Before all that starts in August I’ll be interning at Oxfam America, an NGO that works to find lasting solutions to poverty, suffering and injustice throughout the world for about three months. Before this I’ve always worked as a camp counselor during the summer, so it’s going to be a pretty big change from hanging out with little kids all summer, but I’m really excited! I’ll be working as the Community Outreach Intern and will have two primary responsibilities, the first will be to provide support and information for the Oxfam Action Corps throughout the country, the second will be to organize volunteers for this year’s Coldplay Tour! Coldplay has a partnership with Oxfam to work to promote their mission and campaigns, this summer we’ll be working to promote the GROW Campaign, which works to build a better food system, one that feeds sustainably. I’m really excited to work with Oxfam because of their involvement in both humanitarian efforts and for their environmental concerns, like sustainability and climate change.

I was able to apply to this internship though the Summer Internship Program (SIP). SIP is a program open to both sophomores and juniors. As a sophomore and junior you can apply to SIP and then to a bunch of business, research and non-profit internships across the country. SIP also had a lot of internship paid for students through alumni or family donations. I would definitely suggest applying to SIP no matter what your major is.

Oxfam is based in Boston and so I decided to live on the Holy Cross campus this summer instead of looking for an apartment in the city. I’m also going to be a summer RA again. Last summer, I was  at Holy Cross working at a summer camp in Worcester and I think it will be fun to be back this summer. There’s a lot to do in both Boston and Worcester, it will be fun to start exploring the two cities once my internship starts!



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