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  • July 2nd, 2012

I found this really awesome GROW video on youtube while putting together an info sheet for the Oxfam Action Corps. Just wanted to share it with you all 🙂

Welcome to GROW – Oxfam’s new campaign to build a better food system

Just some yummy places I’ve been eating this summer.

My first lobster, we had them at the Clambake at the JUHAN  conference.

Pizza from Ducali in the North End. This restaurant is right down the street from my office, so I’ve gone here a few times for lunch. It was soooo good and I had to bring my friends Alex and Jon here. We all shared the pizzas, my favorite was the arugula pizza!

Yummy desserts from the North End. We went to Cafe Vittoria, but I would also suggest going to Maria’s Bakery. They have the best cannoli’s I’ve ever had!

And they just opened a Georgetown Cupcake on Newbury Street!

I went with the Key Lime Cupcake 🙂

Last week I spent the entire week at Fairfield University at the Jesuit University Humanitarian Action Network Conference. JUHAN is a program that was started by Georgetown University and Fordham University in an effort to prepare graduates to work in the humanitarian field. There were a few really interesting presentations.

A group of students from Fairfield University presented on their campaign to  bring Alta Gracia products to their campus. Alta Gracia is a company that produces university branded clothing, but also pays their worker a living wage (a wage that is usually above minimum wage and includes enough for food, housing, a basic education, and having weekends). Georgetown already only sells Alta Gracia clothing on their campus and I’m interested in trying to get some at Holy Cross, hearing how these school accomplished that was really helpful!

Another group of students from Loyola Chicago had an “Uncap Campaign” that banned the sale of plastic bottled water on their campus and replaced it with water fountains for students to use reusable water bottles. These are two campaigns that I would be really interested in seeing occur at HC. Being able to stay in contact with students who successfully ran them will be very useful to myself or whoever else ends up running the campaign.

A representative from Catholic Relief Services had a fantastic presentation, which focused on the importance of advocating for policy change in an effort to prevent humanitarian crises. I think policy advocacy is definitely where I would like to end up working in the future, I like the idea of being able to prevent a drought, medical crisis or famine rather than trying to fix the problem after it’s occurred.

One thing I would have liked to see more of at the conference was specific career paths and opportunities (but I think I may be thinking like that just because I’ll be a senior!) I would have been great to have networking dinners or a humanitarian job fair. I hope they choose to include that in two years!

Overall the conference was very inspirational, I especially liked meeting all the students from international Jesuit Universities. We had students from Qatar, Mexico, Nicaragua, Australia, India and the Philippines. It was really interesting to see how they were working to make  a real difference in their communities or even on an international level. I would definitely recommend this conference to everyone next time they have it!

Early this year, in January I also went to Holy Cross’s humanitarian conference, the Community and Public Leadership Workshop. This conference was also great for anyone interested in non-profit or public sector work. I keep suggesting it to everyone I know!

It looks like the concert went well and everyone had a lot of fun!

You can see the pics of everyone who volunteered and signed the petition to support small farmers here. The Dallas show is closer to the bottom!

Getting to see the final product of what I’ve been working on this whole month is really exciting!

The second leg of the Coldplay tour is about to begin tonight. In just a few hours all the volunteers that I’ve contacted will be arriving to the venue ready to have a quick briefing about Oxfam and GROW and then they’ll start collection petition signatures and e-mail signups for GROW! For this leg of the US tour Oxfam will be collecting signatures of those who support small scale farmers and believe that by investing in and supporting these small scale farms our broken food system will begin to be repaired, getting food to those who really need it.

I’m really excited to hear what all the volunteers will have to say about the concert experience. I think other concert goers will find a petition supporting small farmers really interesting!

Earlier this week I was little nervous about having enough volunteers at these shows in Dallas and Houston, I was away at JUHAN last week (I’ll be posting about it soon!) and before I had left there were still quit a few spots open. When I came back from the JUHAN conference over 500 people had signed up in a week. Meaning we now had plenty of volunteers and I had a ton of applications to read through. In some cities, like DC over 150 people signed up for the concert and we only have 20 spots!

Overall, I think that things are going pretty well with the Coldplay/Oxfam Tour, but I think that being able to see how tonight’s show goes will be a confirmation to feeling.

Aside from coordinating the Coldplay volunteer, earlier today I also spoke with an employee of Oxfam, Sophie. She’s working on a GIS project that I wanted to hear about. GIS is a computer mapping system that’s becoming really popular in many companies, last year I took a class on it, but the class focused of the geological uses of GIS and I was interested in hearing how a humanitarian organization used it. Our conversation gave me some ideas on what I could do for a Capstone project next year.

I’ll let you all know how the two show’s this weekend go!


Hi Everyone!

I’m about to leave the office and take the train home, but before I do I just wanted to give you an idea of what I’m coordinating volunteers for Oxfam to do at the Coldplay concerts.

This is Rachel’s Blog she’s on tour right now with Coldplay and always meets with the Oxfam volunteers at each show. She has some pretty awesome pictures of volunteers at the show (some even dressed up in banana suites!) I’ll also have some pictures like these when Coldplay comes to Boston!


My internship has been going great! I have to wake up pretty early and take the train into Boston, but I kind of enjoy getting to take the commuter rail and then the T (the name of the Boston subway). It gives me time to read and listen to music in the morning and afternoon.

I already briefly mentioned that my internship would involve working on educating people about the GROW campaign by having about 20 volunteers at each Coldplay concert, but I’ll explain a little more about what’s involved in that. What I have to do is download all the applications of those who are interested in working at the Coldplay concerts in the US. I then pick one person to be the lead volunteer, send them all the information and materials they’ll need for the concert and contact the other 19 volunteers for the show.

I find reading all the applications to be interesting. You can seem that there are many people who are really interested in Oxfam’s mission and want to help spread awareness about what Oxfam is working towards. I’ll also be working with the Oxfam Action Corps around the country, but won’t start that project until next week, so I’ll let you know more about that project later on 🙂

I really like the set up of the office at Oxfam and the people that I’m working with. The office isn’t a bunch of cubicles, which is what my last internship was like I knew I wasn’t a fan of that. Instead each department has a “pod” which is basically as arena of the office surrounded by a half wall. (I sit in the intern pod.) Then everyone has a desk area and computer within that pod. It makes the office seem much more open than cubicles do.

The people I work with are very interesting too. Bob is in charge of Music Outreach for Oxfam (so things like the Coldplay tour). He’s the person who gets to meet with a lot of the Celebrity Ambassadors of Oxfam. Brian, my direct supervisor, is responsible for all fourteen of the Action Corps throughout the US, which are Oxfam groups in major cities. Jessica, who coordinated the first leg of the Coldplay tour since I wasn’t there used to be a lawyer and now is working on trying to find a corporation that will support Oxfam (kind of like the pink yogurt lids that fundraiser for breast cancer).

I’m planning on e-mailing a few people who work at Oxfam to see if they will sit down for an informational interview with me. I’ll let you know what they tell me about after I speak with them!



Hi Everyone!

Just started my internship this week and it’s going great! I’ll let you all know more specifically about my project and the office later this weekend.

Have a great Friday!


There about three different frozen yogurt places in Worcester, but my favorite is Yoway on Park Ave. Today I went there with some friends from HC who are living on campus or live in Worcester. I got red velvet yogurt with cheese cake bites, chocolate chips and hot fudge! It was delicious, I would definitely suggest it 🙂

For this week I’m going to be staying at home until heading back to Holy Cross as a summer RA. Yesterday some friends and I met up in Boston an went to Earthfest. Earthfest is this free outdoor concert held every year in Boston sponsored by Radio 92.9 and Whole Foods. The two bands I really wanted to see were Switchfoot and Third Eye Blind, they were really good. It was also a lot of fun just to lay outside in the sun all day. The concert was held at the Hatch Shell, which is this big outdoor stage, on the Esplanade. The Esplanade is this nice park filled with walking paths that’s right next to the Charles River.

Over the summer there are always free concerts at the Hatch Shell. That’s also where they have this big Forth of July celebration with a concert by the Boston Pops and a guest band (a few years ago it was Aerosmith!). Here are some pictures of the concert and the Esplanade for you…

A view of the Charles River and Cambridge in the background from the Esplanade.

Earthfest at the Hatch Shell

Spending the day in Boston just made me even more excited to start my internship there next week!



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